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Introduction to activities

  It is imperative that students have an assortment of school-related activities they can participate in. These activities can range from activities during normal school hours to after-school activities. No matter the time, these activities should be available to every student, and at V.P.I.S it is encouraged that every student participate in at least one activity, educational and recreational.

  One of the primary reasons school activities are important at V.P.I.S. is because it gives students the exercise they might not normally receive. Most popularly, these types of activities include major sports such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, track and field and soccer but also might include gymnasium games and other games.

  Activities during V.P.I.S. also make a good impression on colleges if students are planning to pursue more education. Colleges look for students who do not just go to school and go home after school is over. Instead, they look for students who have good grades while at the same time participated in extracurricular activities. These activities range from participating in clubs and sports to volunteering after school at a recreation center or having a part-time job. If a college sees you maintained good grades while participating in these activities, it will be impressed.

  V.P.I.S. activities also allow students to be creative when they otherwise would not have had the chance. Activities such as gifted-and-talented programs that allow gifted students to participate in activities they otherwise would never have experienced in the classroom are a great way to allow students to be creative. Additionally, participating in clubs such as drama that appeal to students' interest also allows them to expand their knowledge and be creative.

  Students also can have their interests expanded by participating in activities. These activities could consist of anything, such as joining the Future Business Leaders of America, the school's debate team and the chess team, to name a few. By participating in these activities, a student might realize he is interested in something he never knew he was interested in before. For example, if a student has never acted before and joins a drama club, he may find out he enjoys drama and will develop an interest in it. This could lead to bigger things for the student, such as acting in college and beyond. These types of scenarios apply to every activity and are important to have in every school.

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